Man's Best Friend Can Do More Than Play Fetch

Ask about our service dog training programs in Brick Township, Toms River, NJ & surrounding areas

Do you need to train a service dog? Woof Pack Canine Academy offers the training program you're looking for. We'll start the service dog training process by bringing your dog into our home for about two weeks. Then, we'll move on to training sessions in your home so your dog can get used to performing his new duties.

If you need to find an expert in training service dogs, call 978-751-4210 now. We're a family-operated dog training business in Brick Township, Toms River, NJ & surrounding areas.

What services can dogs perform?

While dogs are fun to cuddle and play with, they are also intelligent animals that can help us in many different ways. Woof Pack Canine Academy specializes in training service dogs to help make life easier for their owners. Some of the most common types of service dogs include:

  • Psychiatric dogs
  • Guide and signal dogs
  • Autism assistance dogs
  • Mobility assistance dogs
  • Allergy and diabetic alert dogs
To learn more about our service dog training programs, contact us today.