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- The first sense a dog develops is touch. Its whole body, even its paws and pads are covered with sensitive nerve endings.

- Dogs have an incredibly strong sense of hearing. They can hear sounds at 4 times the distance that the average human can.

- In the Middle Ages, dogs quite similar to Great Danes and mastiffs often fought in battles, wearing suits of armor and spiked collars.

- In the 13th century, Kublai Khan, the great Mongol leader of china, is said to have owned 5,000 Mastiffs, the most dogs ever kept by one person.

- The only dog to achieve a promotion from the military was an adopted stray pit-bull mix named Stubby, from the US. During WWI, Stubby was promoted to sergeant for combat services. These included warning his battalion of surprise chemical gas attacks.

- The longest living dog was an Australian Cattle Dog named Bluey, Who died at the ripe age of 29 years, 5 months, and 7 days.

- The farthest distance crossed by a lost pet dog to find its way home was 2,000 miles. This journey was made by, Jimpa, a Labrador/boxer mix.

- One of the most expensive dogs was a Tibetan mastiff named Hong Dong, who was sold to a Chinese coal baron for $1.5 million.

- A single search and rescue dog can do the work of up to 30 human searchers.

- Greyhounds are the fastest dogs on Earth. They can run at speeds of up to 40 MPH.

- Dogs have more than 300 million scent detecting cells, while humans have only 6 million.

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As a dog owner, your pet's health and happiness are your top priorities. We share those priorities here at Woof Pack Canine Academy, a family-run dog training business based in Brick Township, NJ. We're dedicated to helping dogs and their owners develop trusting relationships.

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When you work with expert dog trainers like us, your dog will feel confident and happy. At Woof Pack Canine Academy in Brick Township & Toms River, NJ, we are:

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Family-operated - we understand that pets are family

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Christina M


Woof Pack Canine Academy is the best place to send your dog. Our 5 month old puppy now knows "sit" "stay" and "down" and is fully potty trained and socialized. We put in the work at home as well. The trainer is so well educated and supportive. Truly cares about your dog and sees the greatest potential in them. We are so grateful for this company and cannot wait to send her back for more learning! Our puppy truly loved it here and had a 5 star experience. Thank you!

Jessica G


Sean was so great with our puppy! We knew that we wanted to get training started early on and get the whole family involved and on the same page. Sean's techniques and knowledgeability taught us how to use positive reinforcement to start training basic commands. He explained canine behavior and instincts in a way we could understand, fostering a strong bond with our new puppy. We know that we will be using Sean again as Cookie (puppy) grows and develops new behaviors. He worked one on one with each family member and was awesome with the kids. I recommended Woof Pack training to literally anyone with a dog. There's always something to work on and maybe gain a new perspective... plus you are supporting a small business and sweet family!

Liz M M


Astra has been home for 2 weeks from her 2 week boarding training and what improvement she has made with her aggressive behavior towards strangers coming into my home, walking on leash and getting along with other dogs. Sean has knowledge of the boxer breed and teaches you to use positive reinforcement at home. I would recommend Woof Pack Canine Academy to anyone needing help with aggressive dogs.

Milo S K


Hazel has been home almost 2 weeks from their 2 week board and train program. Hazel has dramatic differences from before she knows how to sit down stay play with dogs better not jump over gates be able to relax and more and knows how to heal and not get dragged while walking her and knows to sit and stay by the front door instead of running out of the house. I recommend sean to anyone who is having issues with their dog or just needs a basic obedience training. Thanks so much!

Heath M


Only 2.5 sessions in and we are already seeing positive results in our girl. So happy to have chosen Woof Pack.

Brianna D


Update: We owe everything to Sean, Nikki, and their pack! Lady continues to make progress every single day. Example: If someone tried to pet her she would run away and bark aggressively; we brought her to the vet and although she was scared 3 people we able to pet her 3!!! She let them check her vitals, take her temperature, and give her a shot without growling or running away. It was incredible to be a part of.
Aside from Sean's calm demeanor and patience, he just cares SOOOO much about our dog and rehabilitating her. He truly is a dog whisperer. Before we adopted Lady, she was abused in the most cruel ways. Because of this, her fear and anxiety come out in aggression towards people who are not a part of our immediate household as well as new dogs. All of this is a process, and Sean has shown so much compassion and understanding with Lady and our other dog, Baloo (that and we don't feel like we are annoying him with all of the questions that we ask). Today, Lady finally came out of her shell and was playing nicely with Sean's dogs. Her fear aggression is slowly starting to dissipate, and we couldn't be more blown away by her improvements. She has even become more cuddly and happy around the house. Just all together, she is on her way becoming a balanced and fulfilled dog, which is exactly what she deserves. Thank you, Sean for all you are doing for our fur babies and our family!!

Joan W G


Just finish our 5 hours of training with Sean. Moose, my Australian shepherd is a completely different dog on leash now. I am no longer walking a "50lb slinky"! Moose would always pull, bark and criss cross from side to side. He was so very much anxiety ridden and reactive. Now, he is staying at my side, much more relaxed, walking calmer than he ever had and isn't reacting to every little distraction that comes his way. I was also "trained" on how to handle Moose because I was also a big part of the issues and nown our walks are enjoyable. Sean is stern with his training, but is completely reward based with his methods. I would highly recommend Sean to my friends and family. Looking forward to having him back in the future for more advanced training sessions! Thank you Sean for getting Moose and I to a place of enjoyment and peace! Best Regards, Joni Germain